Animation Blueprint and Blueprint Interface


Does anyone know if it is possible to send Blueprint Interface Message from the Level Blueprint straight to the choosen Animation Blueprint? I want to trigger some animations with a single event, and I can easily send the message through the Blueprint Interface to any Blueprint/Actor Class/etc, but not to the Animation Blueprints. It can be of course done via an actor blueprint…

But is it possible to send the message straight to the Animation Blueprints? How do you define the Target to do that?



I dont think its possible.
The way how I understand the documentation, the level blueprint does not support interfaces…

Find infor here :


Thx, I missed that.

But from my experience, this is not 100% true, as I can send the same message, from the Level Blueprint to an Actor Blueprint, but not to the Animation Blueprint (I have just double checked that with a simple Print String).

Anyway this means that it is not supposed to work like I wanted it to and there is no point in banging my head against the wall. Time for plan B.