Animation Blendspace - Walking Left and Walking Right


I’m animating my custom character in Blender. All perfect, but I have a trouble with creating two animations for an animation blendspace: walking left and walking right (strafe animations). They don’t work like the animations from the Starter Pack. My character isn’t rotated perfectly forward when playing the left and right aniamtions. How to make those animations from my Forward and Backward animations?

I might be able to help, can I get some clarifications?

So on strafing left and right - Is the fact that your character isn’t rotated perfectly forward when playing left and right animations intentional or no?
Can you elaborate e bit more regarding the forward and backward animations? (what relation does the fwd and back have with the current issue youre facing exactly?)

Thank you for your answer.
It must be perfectly rotated forward in the game when strafing, but it isn’t. However animations in Blender are made to be rotated forward (90 degrees). I know all is good with C++ code because I have a character with Anim Starter Pack from Unreal and those animations work as expected. I recreated those animations in Blender for my custom character and all work well, only strafing sucks.

Any Idea? Maybe somebody from Epic. It’s the point I have stuck with developing.