Animation blending


I am trying to integrate some models into my game and I’m having trouble setting the animation blending properly.
I created a animation montage for a shooting animation and set it to use an UpperBody slot. What I want to do is blend between the running and shooting animation and basically have the legs do the running while the upper body is rotating and shooting.

Unfortunately I get the following result:


As you can see, the “wings” are floating next to the player instead of being attached. Here are 2 screenshots of how they are supposed to behave:



Here is the rigging for the robot:



I have tried doing a Layered Blend per Bone in my anim graph and blend on the bn_Vertabrae_0 ( which seems to separate the legs from the upper body as I want). I also tried to add the bn_c_0_Wing into the node but that doesn’t give the desired results. Tried playing with “rotate bones” checkbox but nothing helps.

Does anybody have an idea how I can fix this problem?


I tried unchecking Mesh Space Rotation Blend, and this keeps the wings in place. However, as expected, the rest of the body has a really weird rotation.