Animation blending troubles

Anyone have an easy fix for this?

The torso, head and arms are being modified by an aim offset, to get it to look at what it is supposed to, the pelvis (the parent of the torso) is leaning forward in the run animation. The torso is not properly inheriting the pevlis’ tilt, causing it to be misaligned.

I could try to fix it by changing the animation so that the whole thing does not lean forward, then angling the pawn slightly forward at high speed, and using ik to fix the feet, but well it would be awesome if there was some quick easy way to get the torso’s angle rectified.

Hi Vaporlynx, you could try using a ‘Layered Per Bone Blend’ to bridge the upper and lower bodies. It would allow you to spread that rotation difference over a few bones.

Thankyou. That’s just about what I was after.