Animation blending issue from T pose

Hey all,
Hoping someone can tell me where i’m going wrong here. I have built a robot type model and rigged him, and have roughly 45 different types of animations. What the model has is guns that extrude from his arm, a jetpack that extrudes from his back, and a engine that extrudes from his body. I have a base idle animation for him that I want to blend with all these different mechanics. I have successfully blended them with the idle but the problem is when they are blended the character goes back to his original T pose as the jetpack is coming out, and the guns etc… What I am wondering is, can I override frozen transforms so that just the bones that control his jetpack coming out can be blended seamlessly with my different idols? I am still new to animating in general, and i’m guessing freezing my transformations may be the issue right now from 3dmax. What I was going for is just the basic extrusion animations of each of his parts as needed for the game. But than blend those with idol etc…
I could freeze his transformations in max so his base pose is more like his idol animation, and animate them from that, but I wasn’t sure what the proper workflow for this is.