Animation blend twitching / glitching

I’m trying to make a flashlight using an animation blend per bone on the arm but for some reason it twitches when doing the transition from the Blendspace to Flashlight State. I have no idea of why it’s happening. The problem is in the AnimGraph.

Probably because you are changing state every tick?

At the start of the video I ticked the state and zoomed in without touching it again, the twitch happened either way

Yet your animation BP is ping poning between the different states better than Bruce Lee ever could…

Seeing what I can only see your entry argument isflashlight which is true but your exit argument is also isflashlight is true so the migration is moving between the two states. Your exit argument should be isflashlight = false.

LOL Bruce Lee

Thank you! Now it works. Sorry for such a dumb error, I’m new to this