Animation Blend Modes page videos are lost and no text description as backup

The Animation Blend Modes page has video links that have either been lost or no longer exist.

This is annoying for people who are new to the engine and wanting to learn what exactly these options do/the differences between them. I only noticed this when helping a friend new to trying the engine pointed out the documentation was unhelpful and checked this wasn’t just an issue with their web page.
It is a shame there aren’t short descriptions or illustrations/images to represent these ideas as a back up as without the videos this page holds little information on a specific topic.

Link to this issue -

Link to possible other documentation? -

This may be an old documentation site but this is the first one up on search engines. if not then hopefully this is an easy fix :slight_smile:

Hey JoePeatfield! Thanks for pointing this out to us. I’ll see what I can do to fix those links and add alt-text to make them more assessable (even if they’re not working). In the meantime, please let us know if you spot anything else that looks off. I’ll try and pop in here once I have an update on a fix.

Hello again JoePeatfield. I was able to locate and fix these videos. You should see them on the page once it’s been updated (usually in a few days). Thanks again!