Animation between characters (shaking hands)

Hello UE community. I have a problem with animation. Maybe anybody could help with it. The main target is to make characters shake hands properly. Video is included.

Maybe use the mid point between the two and two ik bone for the handshake?

Ok but im a bit noobish in this(ik bones), and in UE in general, im a new one. If someone could give an example. And i just found in the UE docs Skeletal Controls chapter: Bone Driven Controller?

If you havent done the tutorials on the foot on steps IK or the punching IK, you might have difficulties in understanding the what is needed to hook up the hands. As a beginner myself, i took more than two weeks to have very basic understanding on that. Mainly because the tutorials and online resources are sorely inadequate.

if you going to learn that, look for two bone IK.

effector location is the location of the handshake.
joint target location (aka pole target) is the location where your elbow is pointing towards.
IK bone should be your hand bone (where two bones upward should be at your upper arm joint)

Another easier cheap fix would be to reanimate the handshake animation in order to make them sync. But in order to animate it more lively as seen in your video, it would be better to have “two separate handshakes” combination instead of just a standard handshake.