Animation Best Practices For Object Interaction

I am thinking about how best to handle animations for objects that characters can interact with.

Say I have a bed that characters can sleep on.
Let’s say I call an animation/montage to handle the act of transitioning into a sleeping state based on proximity with the bed.
When I reach the bed it could be from different directions.
Maybe the bed is different sizes/shapes.

How can you best handle the workflow in this case?

I could make any number of various animations and go with mathmatical analysis.
Can anyone explain any more elegant options?

Can I use IK on sockets or bones to require less animation?
I guess for reach targets, IK should make sense, but can you use IK to snap the root (I guess) to a socket on a bed, in reference to my example again?

Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts regarding how they might approach the problem.

Yeah. Uh huh. The ladies man likes where this is going. Yeah. :slight_smile: Interjection of humor, no offense meant.

I handled this by adding a socket on the spot from where the player should be for the animation to begin ( so the locations would match ) , And also only letting the player use the object if his location was the same as the object "Use location " socket, So once the player used the object if he was in the right angle but his location was a bit wrong i would manually set his position to the socket and then play the animation

Getting things into bed is one of life’s big problems for sure. :slight_smile:

This would still require a get into bed from all angles transition if the bed is high enough that you can’t walk over it though, right?

Oh, I understand now, you are using a socket but it is placed at the start location… This seems a good option, but could require different animations if you want different shaped beds. Also it means there is little variety.
It is likely the way I would approach this example I think though, as it’s the best solution I can imagine still.

Thanks, I didn’t think about using a socket like that.