Animation being changed from Time Dilation. Edited the animation but doesn't play during Time Dilated areas.

Hello. I have an animation that I’ve imported from Maya as an FBX into U4. A character jumps up with a sword and she hits an enemy in the air with the sword. In the original animation, the actual attack is only 2 frames long (real time at 24 fps).

I added Time Dilation to my Sequencer and I slowed down the attack section to 0. 1 speed, so now the sword attack plays much slower. The problem I’m seeing is that - the original animation only had 2 keyframes for the movement, so you never had to worry about the in-between frames.

Now it’s stretched those 2 keyframes out to like 20 frames, and it’s filling in the movement of the SWORD and her HAND to go smoothly between the 2 main keyframes. Due to the angle that she is attacking however, the sword is no longer IN the hand - it flies out of her hand for a brief second.

I opened the Animation up and adjusted the Translate data for the SWORD, so that it stays in her hand. I saved this as a new animation sequence, Applied the keys, and made sure to Save. When I watch this new animation now in the Animation editor, it looks correct - the sword stays in her hand.

As soon I as bring it into Sequencer however, when it gets to the time dilation section, the animation is not being updated and the sword is once again out of her hand.

If I adjust the animation at any other point in time where it’s NOT affected by time dilation, I can see the updates being applied.

Help please! What’s the best way to solve this?