Animation Basics: How to?

Hey, hello there dear friend.
Could you please explain me how to animate a “rigged” character?
I just dont get it.
Should I do it in Unreal Engine or do I animate it somewhere else?

So, Yes, this is animations basics thread.
I am a total newfag and want a short info on how to animate as I totally do not understand. Please halp.
Thanks :3

Animations are done in a separate program, like Maya or 3ds Max. You do the sequences you need, import them into UE 4 and then assemble them into a full animation system with different states, blending and such.

You can really find great animation tutorials on Youtube. It can be a bit scary at first, but if you really want to do it - then it won’t be a problem.
Most people start with basic exercises.

And then they proceed to do some more advanced things like Vanilla Walk, Walk with personality, 180 degree turn or jump.