Animation assets break when switching some projects to UE5 + Retargeting saving also break them

So I am retargeting some animations and it seems to work fine until I save to disk where all animations break and I can only see the A pose in all of them. Anyone tried this? Or am I doing something wrong?

If I close the project and reopen it seems to load the initial poses like everything is fixed but as soon as I open one of them they go back to A pose.

Update 1: I just did the same thing in 4.26.2 and it works fine so I guess something is not working in 5.0 EA

Update 2: Duplicating the project where all those retargets work and opening it with UE 5.0EA seem to break them all.


I have the same issue so you aren’t alone


Have the same issue. I thought i messed up my project, did an update on the skeleton and all the animations connected in the animBP, get a “default-Pose” after saving the files.

Same if I create a new skeleton, and do a retarget.

It is in preview 2

Be sure to set each animations Additive Settings to Local Space or Mesh Space!


What do you mean exactly? The animations I have problems with sometimes are not additive. I tried by changing it to local space without touching anything else and it works but I got tons of animations that that option is set to not additive and they work fine. What’s behind switching that to make it work when you shouldn’t have to change the additive settings?

I am also having this problem. Any updates?

Be sure to set each animations Additive Settings to Local Space or Mesh Space!

This should not be considered a fix; Not all animations should be additive

I am running into this same issue. I’m learning Unreal from scratch in UE5, so sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is a UE5 bug, or I just don’t know what I’m doing :joy:

I purchased some animation/mesh assets from the marketplace for 4.27. Added them to a sample project in 4.27.2, and them migrated them to my 5.0.0 project.

Most of the various references broke so I needed to fix the materials and animations. When I open an animation it asks for a skeleton to retarget to. I choose the correct skeleton and then the animation opens. It appears to work correctly, I can preview it just fine. But as soon as I save it breaks and shows the default pose. Playing the animation doesn’t work, having it in a blendspace does nothing either. Haven’t found a way to “fix” the animation after this occurs yet.

Tinkering with the Additive Anim Type does give some results. I might continue trying this for now, although I don’t know the repercussions of doing this for my animations. As apedestrian noted above, these animations shouldn’t be addidtive (in my case).

I found an interim solution. Exporting the animations from my UE4 project to .fbx files, and then importing them to my UE5 project seems to work. I select the skeleton on import and when I save the newly imported animation it appears to work correctly. No need to tweak the Additive Settings.

Or if you have the source .fbx files, importing them directly rather than migrating them from a UE4 project would likely have the same result.

Bit of an annoying work around if you have lots of animations but so far it’s working for me!

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This also worked for me! I’m so stoked; Ty :smiley:

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You’re right, it deserves a better fix, but in the meantime it does the trick.

Workaround of the workaround, you can bulk export your animations, then reimport them in the same project by specifying your current skeleton (the one you used when retargeting them), and they’ll all be back with no additive.

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