Animation AnimationScaled


Im trying to get in my old character and animations into unreal, problem are in the old engine 1 unit is 1 meter so when I import it into unreal its 1.90 cm in height :smiley:
So now I have scaled up the “Main” (mesh, bones and skinning , I’m a Maya user btw) but all my animation files are still in the old scale so I figured no problem I just use the AnimationScaled.
But I cant get it to work. I do have a Root bone and its on 0,0,0 and it have no animations, then the Hip bone and it has translations and rotations animation.
The hip bone are set to AnimationScaled all other to Skeleton.

All rotations seems work but not the translations. Probably because they are not scaled up correctly by AnimationScaled so they are too small to be noticed.

Maybe I have miss understood the AnimationScaled completely “Animation Scale: Bone translation comes from the animation data, but its length is scaled by the Skeleton’s proportions.”

I did scale up one of the animations for test and that one works as intended so the there seems not to be any problem with the mesh, skeleton or animation when scaled to same scale.

Need help :slight_smile: