Animation and Skeleton help.

Hello. I have been working on a weapon mod with a friend for some time.

At this point, we have the model, and its textured, and its imported into unreal and looking fine.

We also have it set so the character has a weapon blueprint, so we can modify properties of the weapon, such as damage.

What we want to do now, is place the model into that blueprint so the character can hold the actual model I made, and use it.
We also want to add custom animations to the model, because there is no current animation in game that will move our weapon in the correct way.

I have no clue how i’m going to add my model to the character and make it move and have its own custom animation and actually see the characters holding it.

Any help with this would be extremely appreciated. :slight_smile:

If it is a complicated and long process, which i imagine it is, we could talk in Teamspeak. So it would be easier to go through the process :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much for the help :smiley: