Animation and Rigging Tools pivot movers and twists question

What does the Heel, Toe, and Outside Pivot Movers for the feet do exactly? I’m not sure where those need to be placed to get the correct deformations. (See first screenshot)

Also when I select the wrist and ankle bone using the picker graph, there are two larger arrows called “twists”. Can those just stay at their present location? I’m unable to to translate and rotate those. (See second screenshot, larger arrows)


Well I’m pretty sure the ‘twist’ bones control the rotation. When you twist your forearm less then half of the bone actually twists. So I think that’s what that is for. But if you download the Animation Pack from the marketplace you can get a skeleton that works with Epic’s animations and doesn’t have all the extra bones.

Actually the rig above is provided by Epic for the Animation and Rigging Toolkit for Maya, so everything above is what’s integrated in the skeleton in the Animation Starter Pack. I’m trying to integrate my own character so I can use those animations. I just wanted to make sure the rig is positioned correctly before I spend a ton of time skinning.

The skeletons all work with the animation starter pack more or less. The skeleton in the animation starter pack (along with the skeleton Epic provided for developers in the forum) does not have the extra bones (at least not when I export it to my 3D package). I don’t think you ‘need’ the extra bones at all.

Those “extra” bones (twists) were automatically generated when I loaded Epic’s ART template.

Yes. But there is an official skeleton that Epic provided in the forum for developers that I’m pretty sure does not have those bones. I’m also pretty sure the animation kit skeleton does not have those bones. It might be a pain but try exporting that skeleton and looking at it. Or you can download this one here:

That is the official skeleton for developers who wish to sell characters. As far as I can tell it has the minimum amount of bones needed. If you want to use the extra bones you can but I think they’re just the one’s that Epic uses for it’s projects and not set in stone. A lot of the stuff you get with the base package is like that. ART is what they use but it doesn’t work anywhere but Maya. The above skeleton is for everyone else. It works perfectly with all animations so far.

It does include those bones in the ART Template provided by Epic. Since I’m using Maya I thought it would be best to follow Epic’s standards, thus using their default rig. I’m just trying to get a better understanding of it.

Your link above doesn’t work.

Once again, the ART Tool is what Epic uses to create their games. The link I shared above is the official skeleton for developers provided by Epic. IT IS NOT THE SAME SKELETON!!! The skeleton in the Animation pack is different. The Hero TPP Skeleton is different, the hero FPP skeleton is different, Owen (the guy with the trench coat) skeleton is different. But they all work with the same animations either through retargeting or right out of the box because these bones that you are so concerned about are not necessary.

I don’t mean to get you all worked up. I understand what you’re saying, but my original question was more about what the “movers” and “twists” do in regards to the Epic ART rig, and how to position them correctly. I’m new to character animation, so I’m still learning how it all works.

And you’re right, you don’t need them since I choose to omit those bones with ART and everything re-targeted just fine. Thanks for your help.

No problems. I wasn’t worked up. Sometimes I know I’m not being as clear as I should.