Animation and Rigging Toolkit for Maya

I like all the video tutorials on Animation and Rigging Toolkit for Maya but I can’t seem to set it up on my computer. Both Unreal Engine 4 and Maya are installed but I can’t find it in the plugins. Is there something I need to download?


Have you followed the installation instructions in the documentation?

been having some trouble searching though the docs and this forum… neither seem to come up with any search results.


Has anyone tried this workflow with maya lt? I haven’t purchased lt yet, so I’m curious.

Google is still indexing the documentation. The search isn’t too good right now but it will improve, I promise.

I’m happy to help point people in the right direction for documentation in the meantime. I have it indexed…IN MY BRAIN! :slight_smile:

IIRC they added scripting language support with the latest update, so the ART Toolset should work in the LT version.
Don’t forget you can try the LT version before you buy it, this way you can make sure that everything works as expected.

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this.

I’m getting a weird problem. I got the plugin successfully installed and working, but when I save and exit then open another file with geometry in it it’s all gone.
When I remove the userSetup script from my Maya scripts file the plugin is gone and my geometry shows up like it should.

I guess something in the userSetup is causing my scenes to “reset” somehow. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I’m using Maya 2014 and I got the userSetup file from Unreal 4.13.