Animation and Rigging Toolkit (ART) Maya Support


I’m looking to start animating the UE4 mannequin rig but the ARTv1 plugin doesn’t support Maya 2018/19.

I don’t want to downgrade my installation of maya as the tools introduced in the newer versions are stuff I use all the time.
It would be great if the ART plugin could support the 2018 version of maya as the speed of animating rigs would be much faster.

Thanks in advance.

P.S Great work with the engine and all its advancements you guys have made. It’s now my go to software for any rendering work and Look-dev.

Well ARTv1 is not getting any updates and ARTv2 is not available still (the full featured version, not the old one from Github) and it looks like it wont be. I suggest you use the Mannequin mesh (or any other character you see fit for your needs) and rig it with Advanced Skeleton which is great for game projects and very fast to work with. Also you can try using mGear which is a great set of tools for rigging in Maya but takes more time to master. And there is an app called Akeytsu (commercial) where you can rig and animate your character almost instantly. It is missing such features like constraints for now (but it has a very tobust IK-FK system) and the development is rather slow.


Thanks for the suggestions. will try them out.

Is anyone still using ARTv1 for rigging to unreal engine?