animation and movement direction

I’m trying to pretty much copy setup from ThirdPersonCharacter with difference being that movement control is in PlayerController and with diferent skeleton. Animation transitions work nicely, walk/run blend also. Only thing that doesn’t is facing movement direction.
I’m not sure if this is a blueprint thing or ThirdPersonCharacter is somehow using animation curves for this as each animation has blendOrient1 and blendParent1 on it.
If not then I don’t know what is the purpose of those curves and if my skeleton should have them (tried adding by hand to no effect).
Any clues?

I have ticked the ‘orient rotation to movement’ in character movement component to no effect. When printing actor rotation to screen it changes as I change direction of movement but animation always faces same direction

Solved, I had ‘use controller rotation yaw’ checked on the PlayerCharacter which overrided CharacterMovement settings -_-