Animation after retargeting change from root motion to in place version

HI, I am quite new in UE. However before I wrote that topic, I spend some time to try to find out what’s wrong.
Used UE 4.22 , Blueprint -> ThirdPerson and also added some free assets (MixamoAnimPack, RollsANdDodges MCOMocap_Basics)

I don’t have a problem with retargeting standard animation. e.g ThirdPerson starter pack Jump_start/loop/end or Crouching from MCOMocap_Basic to my character (Zoe from MixamoPack) .
However when I try to retarget animation which is in motion (chareacter is not only animate but also is moving) e.g MOB1_Walk_F from MCO_Mocap new created animation looks very good except the fact that character animate in place. Its look like for example instead of roll which should move character few meters its start and end roll animation in the same place.

One advice what I had found on net and is probably close to my problem is that I should enable root motion but when I switch on EnableRootMotion for Animation ->Asset Details then its doesn’t help only made animation looks worse. (sometimes just a little worsed sometimes really very bad) .

  1. To retarget I used…erentSkeletons
  2. To change pose between A/T I used…target-manager

Any idea what should be done and why animation doesnt move?

It takes a few days but now I had found the solution for my problem :slight_smile: Maybe someone will use it or maybe its just show so little I know about UE …
Anyway, the answer is that MixamoAnim Skeleton doesn’t have so-called root bone.

Its very good explained at YT , just need to search for the problem with mixamo animation. ( I used that page from YT “z97w4vrm8Eo” ; thanks GNUton :slight_smile:
Generally, need blender with extension to receive correct mixamo skeleton (fbx file) to import it to UE. And then root motion switch on to receive correct animation.