Animation / Actor Collision for a non-character flat thin mesh

Hello all!

What I’m looking for is a way to animate a simple thin rectangle mesh by moving it up and down in a looping animation. The rectangle is standing up. At the same time though, I need precise collision geometry so that when the player is right in front of it that I can detect that and decide what to do next. The problem is that if I import as a skeletal mesh with the animation I can only use a capsule for collision which I can’t get precise enough since I can only change its height and radius. See the picture below that describes what the problem is (on the left) and what I would like (on the right). Imagine trying to use a capsule for something flat…it’s impossible to make it precise.


Any ideas on how to do this? Do I just import as a static mesh and try to do the animation in UE4 somehow?

You could use either Animation or a timeline (I use timelines).

I would set a Box / Sphere trigger around it and do it in a Blueprint.

But there are plenty of YouTube videos about sliding doors.

Ahh yes thank you! Looks like timelines are the way to go. I just tried going the animation route but it doesn’t work well for this case because you’re forced to use a collision capsule that you can’t resize precisely enough.

Thanks again for the response.