Animating UMG's ProgressBar on Event Tick

In my HUD’s tick event, I have a graph set up so that the health bar should animate smoothly from 100% down to 50% fill.

However, this does not work; the health bar doesn’t budge a single inch. At the end of the graph I’m updating a text block with the ‘Curr HP’ value and that decreases as expected. This can only mean that the Set Percent node isn’t doing what it should. The health bar only updates when the target of 50% is reached.

I’ve also tried binding a function to the ‘Percent Fill’ property inside the UMG editor that simply returns Curr HP, but that also doesn’t work. The health bar stays unchanged, until the value hits 50 and it suddenly skips to 50%.

How can I get this to animate properly?

Your Progressbar expects a Value between 0-1 not 0-100 (read the tooltips next time ;P)

CurrentHP / MaxHP = Percentage of the current HP between 0-1

Thats it Good Luck =)

Thanks! I only ever read the tooltip on SetPercent and thus couldn’t figure this out.

Here is how I managed to do it. I did not want to use ticks cause dont need it running all the time so I used a timer that ticks at world delta time and gets invalidated at end of cooldown. Check it out.

Made a few errors in my first post. See this image.