Animating UMG Progress Bars?

So I’m using the UMG Progress Bar as an HP Bar in my game, I bound the value to an HP Ratio. This works, but it feels choppy, as if the enemy takes a big hit, the HP Bar instantly is pushed down. My question is, is there any way to animate this in UMG? Can I make the bar MOVE down, instead of instantly teleporting to its new value?

Have you looked into an interp / lerp to reduce the UMG element? I haven’t really looked into UMG, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Try these and see if they help

THis is just to put under the cap


You can also trigger an animation curve for the health bar based off the data. Might work well for this case. The main piece is when you change the data the UMG updates it next draw call, which is the choppyness.

Just had a suggestion for visual appeal I though I’d throw out there. I’d suggest maybe using a second color overlayed on the health-bar to indicate the damage being taken and *then *animate down to the new value from there. This informs the player of all damage done the moment it’s done, and also makes it look purdy with a nice animation down. :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea Godling, I might be able to pull that off with overlaying two progress bars. Keeperofstars, I’ll look into that, I haven’t used sequencer much yet, but does it support animation curves like you are referring?

Doesn’t look like Sequencer would support this yet…I could roll my own gangster one though using timers in UMG.

You could try doing it with iTween’s float from/to :slight_smile: