Animating the UE4 Mannequin

I’ve tried to do this so many times and have never been able to get it to work. It could be that my version of Maya is whack, or it could be that I’m just doing it wrong.

I have the ART kit set up in Maya 2013. Everything is functional except for when i try to “add” the mannequin for animation. It just gives me an error and doesn’t do anything. Says no characters found in scene. If i create my own rig/skeleton with ART everything works fine though. Am I missing a step here? I see tons of animation packs on the marketplace for the mannequin. Are they not actually animating with the mannequin and just simply retargeting after they’re finished?


To Animate the Mannequin, when you go to “add” the mannequin, you will need to browse and link the “Mannequin_Export.mb” located where you have the current version of the Engine installed. (Note in this image it is looking for the initial location of 4.8 which has since been removed -pointing to the correct location in UE4.12 fixes this.)


To answer your second question, most likely you’re going to want to animate a custom character in which case you will need to retarget any of the animation packs to that character anyways, which is pretty easy once you know how.