Animating the Tongue


I would to ask if animating the tongue is possible in UE4 for a cinematic project.

Say if the character sticks out their tongue and wiggles it, is that possible to do in UE4?(Importing animation from Motion Builder)

If you’re importing animation from Motionbuilder and bake the tongue animation into the bones, (provided it’s driven by bones) as long as you’re using the same skeleton I don’t see why not.

For morph targets, I assume baking morph changes would work similarly though I have less experience using that kind of setup. I do know UE4 supports morph targets however.

As stated above, use morph targets or rig it with bones and bake it. You should be go, that’s how I animated my tongue :wink:


Thanks a lot guys!!

Yep, bones is the best option. Youll need the tongue bones to be in your base skeleton tho if I remember correctly.
Heres a video where I showcase an early progress of my maya facial rig to ue4 integration (that has an animated tongue)