Animating Spline Based Rope

I have created cables based on this blueprint: Unreal Engine 4 Spline and SplineMesh Components - YouTube

I however want the cables to swing in the wind. How would I accomplish that?

Hi Haddedam,

Spline points aren’t meant to be animated at runtime. However, you could accomplish this by using Vertex Animation inside of the material that you apply to the Spline Mesh Component.

Download the Particle Effects demo project from the Learn tab in the Launcher. It has a material with this effect applied to the swaying chains in the level. You can duplicate the setup or migrate this material over to your project and play around with the setting until you get something that works with your spline blueprint.

Let me know if this works for you or not.



Thanks for the quick answer, I unfortunately can’t try it since I lack 3ds Max. I will just try and use pieces of the rope mesh I used for the splinebased one and animate them separately with martinee.

I’m assuming that you need to create a custom mesh in order for it to work? If so, you could always use Blender. It’s free.

But you are correct, matinee could also be used for this.