Animating software.

Hello guys. Could anyone recommend a cheap or free software for animating characters? I am using Blender and I am literally sick of having to deal with new problems every update. I tried Maya Lt for a month and it was heaven, but I can’t afford another monthly bill right now. So do you guys know any software that doesnt destroy your character and eventually your brain cells? Cheers

The Foundry released Modo and Mari for sale on Steam, at a very low price. :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that you can get animations from there to ue4 without wanting to commit suicide? I am checking it out now anyways. Thanks!

I can’t confirm. But, I asked to the friendly community of “The Foundry” and they confirmed :slight_smile:
Modo exports FBX files…
Mari is a tool that you need only for advanced textures.

Anyway, one of the Moderators of this community (I can’t explicitly says the name for privacy) uses ONLY Blender for his RPG game.
He recommended Blender 2.70!

I think I know who you talking about. :)I think I had blender 2.71 kinda working, but then I updated to 2.72b…I will have a try with 2.70 tonight. Ok man thanks for your time!

I dont care when you say my name :stuck_out_tongue: Yep, I only use blender for my game -> use 2.7 because it works the best with the UE4 (otherwise you will get problems when you import your **skeletal **meshes)

Hi Fighter. I knew it was you! Is there anything I should know about 2.70 pipeline to ue4? I know stuff like root bone has to be at 0 coordinates and other stuff mentioned by ppl in these forums. If you wanna add something I am all ears. :slight_smile:

When you use root motion, you also have to modify the exporter → blender adds an extra root bone: Blender to UDK Player Model – Kris Redbeard :wink: Also make sure that you go to Object-Apply-Scale/Rotation/… before you export your mesh

I will try this out after work. Thanks guys!

Ok I downloaded Blender 2.70 and modified the exporter. And for the first time I got a skeletal mesh and animations to ue4 without any errors or pain!!! Thank you very much you guys!!!

I like “MakeHuman” ( then you can use any other human skeleton on it.

Free Open Source

Also a Tutoral about Character Creation


How is it going man…

I love blender too but till now I was using it only for modelling and all rigging/skinning/animating unfortunately I was doing in 3DMax. I say unfortunately because max is such an outdated tool(with regards to modern approaches to 3D, especially when you compare it to Blender) that it is a real PITA to work with it. Anyway, I’m digressing.

Would you be so kind and in your free spare time do a tutorial how to properly export (don’t worry about rigging and animating) 3d model which was previously rigged and animated in Blender to fbx and then import it into UE4?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

There is nothing special that you have to do to export a skeletal mesh (as long as you use blender 2.70) :wink:

  1. Make sure that you are in the object mode + that you have disabled the “recording”

  2. With the mesh selected go to Object-Apply-and choose all of them:

  3. Then go to file-export and choose those settings (havent changed much)

  4. just import it with the default settings :slight_smile:

Happy new year to you too! :smiley:


Hi thank you for your reply.

Will try that!

Best Regards