Animating Socket Transforms


I am mostly a UE4 beginner coming from Unity. In Unity you could animate nearly EVERYTHING which was incredibly robust and useful. Even separate mesh objects, individual bones, floats etc.

In Unreal I am trying to achieve something similar. My main thing is I’d like to animate sockets on a mesh. For example, sure its great to stick a socket on a fist but what if I want that fist to have a magic aura that extends its hitbox beyond it? In this case I’d like to be able to animate the socket’s relative offset. In Unity you could key the object just like anything else which is amazing. In Unreal I think what I’ll need to use is a variable curve? Except how will I find the variable name for the socket offset?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

I really feel like I learn nothing asking on these forums but for anyone who might have a similar question Unreal 4.14 has added virtual bones for this purpose and it fulfilled my needs. Thanks!