I tried animate player camera and I thought it will animated while moving character but not luck. I tried with and without directors group. How can you animated like moving focuse farther and closer, up, down. Thank you.

O yes sorry. It’s actually while the player is moving. While in game play. So if your moving then on actor begin overlap the camera let’s say would get closer. I would probably have to add cameras to my character and then set up the nodes in BP to jump from one camera to another. Watching Mathew Wadstein video on YouTube.

Also I’m trying to lock the camera in Y axis I think for another level. I’m having these issue (and I will make another post for these) when I go forward with sidesrollercharacter (right) the camera is set at the distance but when i go back (right) the camera moves in so close to the player that I actually can’t even see the player anymore. I need the camera to stay the same distance in both directions. I did adjust the boom distance so it fits the game play but when you do that you can easily mess up the camera when going backwards (left). What would you suggest for these issue. I did try camera blocking volume to put in front of the camera so when the camera tries to jumps close to the character it will be blocked or at least that’s what I though. Hower nothing happend. Thank you.

Hey there, are you talking about making a cinematic sequence from the player’s perspective or for gameplay?

I’m not sure if i understood exactly what you are trying to do, but if you want to control how close or far the camera is you can change the target arm length of the camera boom to whatever value you want, usually you only want to use multiple cameras if the transform values or the camera values are very different, if that’s not the case then try to use just one camera and change it’s values in runtime to adjust to your needs…

Lets say actor steps in to a trigger I would then want the camera zoom closer and all these while I’m playing a game. On actor begin over lap!!! How would you have player camera zoom in smoothly on it’s own transition from one focus to another. How would you able to control target arm trough BP.

If you want to change the target arm length based on an overlap of a trigger that’s easy to do. The pseudo code should be something like:

In the Character do this:

float TargetArmLength; // Create this variable that holds the arm length you want to interpolate to

On Tick you do this:

// Get Current arm length

float CurrentTargetLength = CameraBoom->GetTargetArmLength(); 

// Interpolate smoothly between the current arm length and the target arm length, InterpSpeed is how much you move per second

CurrentTargetLength = FMath::FInterpTo(CurrentTargetLength, TargetArmLength, DeltaTime, InterpSpeed); 

 // Sets the target arm length of the camera boom with the interpolate value



On the Trigger
On Component Begin Overlap - you cast the Other actor to the character and set TargetArmLength to a closer value and maybe On Component End Overlap of Trigger you can set it back to the default value.

Game play. Sidesrollercharacter. Somethings look better up close and some things need to be further away from the camera as you play.

Have you tried the code that i suggested?