Animating non skeletal meshes

I’m pretty new to UE4. It seems like all FBX animation needs to skeletal meshes, and skin weighted. Is there a way to just bring in animation that are just a series of nulls with geometry below and have them playout thru matinee? It seems like this is possible, but my FBX has many objects in it and it is brining in a skeleton for every object. Which is something like 50 objects in the FBX.

Is there a simpler way to do this? Thanks for all the help!

FBX supports point cache data but UE4 does not. :frowning:

UE4 does support baked animation applied to any kind of object be it skeletal, null objects, or animations applied to mesh objects. Just set the FBX exporter to included baked animation and import the objects along with the animation track in UE4.