Animating Models For Armor of More Than one Piece

I am fairly new to Unreal Engine, and have started on my first project. It is going to be an open world RPG (not huge or anything, I know it is best to start with smaller games). I have recently added armor, mainly following the Titanic Games tutorial. This only covers armor with one piece. For example, you can attach armor to the character, but only one static mesh per model; you may be able to equip a chest-plate, but only the chest piece will appear on the character, and sleeves cannot be added using this method. This does work fine sometimes, like with helmets or most weapons, but I need some method of implementing mobility, so - for example - the player could attach only one piece of armor for the legs, and it could cover from hip to ankles and bend at the knees. I have heard some rather vague answers in my googling of the problem, but was hoping someone could give a detailed answer or a link to a video tutorial (I am a visual learner, so videos are great). Thank you for your help.