Animating Light mesh

Hi everyone. I have been working through the tutorials by Zak Parrish on Construction Script Customisation, where he sets up lights that turn on and off when the player enters and leaves a trigger box. No problems there. I noticed that even though the point light is switching on and off, the light bulb mesh it is attached to still glows regardless of not casting any light rays around the room. My question is how would I go about making the light bulb appear dark rather than lit up when it’s not casting any light? Would I be animating a glow map or would I need to tell the engine to swap the mesh between one with a lit bulb and one with an unlit bulb? I’m still very much at the novice stage but it is something that I will need to know how to do fairly soon I suspect!

You could just change the colour/brightness with a parameter in your material -> after that access it in your blueprint: ?v=zO_7Z9GccE0 :slight_smile: