Animating large crowds -How?

Hey community,

I wanted to ask anyone willing or able to help me out with a few questions about character-crowd animation.

Up until now, I was trying to animate everything via animation clips in the sequencer but that presents a problem when I want to animate a crowd of more than 100 characters.

For eg, if I want to create a battle scene how can I depict a crowd of men throwing javelins without having to actually animate the javelin for each character. Is there an automated way to do that?

Another more complicated question is if there is a way to create a group of characters that would share a specific set of animations that would play at slightly different play-rates and order to simulate a more convincing battle.

I guess there are ways that this can be done via niagara?

Even pointing me to a specific course or tutorial would be enough help to me.

Thanks in advance!


for 1st question: you can create javelin as projectile, create bp for character than play montage with delay(for a bit of randomess) and on montage notify spawn projectile(javelin).

for 2nd: animation sharing plugin got what you need( Animation Sharing Plugin | Unreal Engine Documentation ), you can set random play rates and start offset pretty easily through anim bp. I didn’t try this plugin yet, but it will work i guess )

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Thank you for the reply!

I think you are probably guiding me exactly where I need to go.

For your 2nd reply, I’ll probably check out the plugin and try to figure out how it works, check tutorials, etc.

For your first reply, since I’m not a game developer and quite new to this ordeal, are there any tutorials etc that could guide me in more detail on this?

I’ll of course check for something along the lines of “how to create projectiles for characters in Unreal” etc.

SimpleProjectile - YouTube recorded a fast tutorial how to achieve simple projectile with anim montage. Just follow step by step.


That’s amazing!

Thank you for going through the trouble to make this just to demonstrate.

I’ll sure check it out thoroughly.

hello, did you make it eventually? I am having the same question and need to create a dancing crowd and render it in the level sequencer, trying to figure out how to make it