Animating individual bones Physics Asset

Hello. I have a car with a removable interior, in which physics is also calculated. The interior is attached to the Vehicle_Interior_Attach bone using a Physics Constraint. Further, for significant gameplay, the “Vehicle_Interior_Attach” bone needs to be rotated and moved … And then the trouble begins, if Physics Asset is removed from the “Vehicle_Interior_Attach” bone, then everything turns as needed, but when accelerating, the car interior moves back … To fix it - I add a physical collision to the “Vehicle_Interior_Attach” bone, but then the bone no longer rotates …
I tested a new build of Chaos, and everything is the same there … Control Rig also does not help to solve this problem.
Using the interior of the car as a skin is also not an option, the interior will have different bones.
Will this issue be considered in the future? Or will you have to completely abandon this idea?