Animating in UE4. A newbie just can't figure it out. I humbly request your help.

My experience:
Some blender experimenting, albeit absolute garbage (view link below).

UE4: tinker with BP, environment creation, just the basic stuff.

My Needs:
I want to make cinematics using a character I can animate as I glide through the sequencer. It’s like everything needs multiple BP to make animations blend in sequence, and i’m not trying to make a game.

What I’ve tried:
I’ve listened to and watch many videos on animation Rig tool, and sequencer. Understand that I’m coming from Blender, and I’m use to just clicking a character, and animating within the same workflow.

My frustration:
All tutorials are in reference to gaming (makes sense). I understand chaining different animation presets and such, but i’d really love to sequence a whole cinematic using character key frames etc. I can’t find a solution. I’m assuming user ignorance and personal incompetence.

I really want this to work as simply as possible. Being a medic and a nurse during this covid stuff, I just nee the distraction that I can also find useful.

Thank you to anyone willing to help. If I figure this out, I plan on making a tutorial once I figure out how to help newcomers in my situation (trying to use a game engine for cinematics’n such) :slight_smile: