Animating in Blender - Which rigging/export addon?

I was wondering which blender addon for would be the best for rigging and animating (creatures) for UE4.
Perhaps you have some experience with the addons and can help me:

1: Auto-Rig Pro - Blender Market
2: Rigify + Uefy 2 - Rakiz Random Rambling (optimizes exported rigify rigs)
3: Rigify + Send to unreal (don’t know if it optimizes rig)
4: Mr Mannequins Tools (can also handle different rigs but not much documentation about it)
5: GitHub - SAM-tak/BlenderGameRig: Rigging framework for game development. Hard fork from Rigify. (rigify fork)

I am currently working on a game where you can catch different monsters. Here is some of the concept art:
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