Animating in 2D, what are the options?

Hi everyone,

I’ve looked through the documents, tried Google and everything in between… I’m pretty sure I missed it but here goes…

Other then flipbook, which is nice and easy to use, but it’s very limited in how you can animate in 2D.

For example, in Unity, I can animate a sprite like we do here in flipbook, but I can also add other sprites (children to the parent one) to the animation, I can animate position change, rotation, enabling/disabling collisions. I can pretty much animate anything that is attached to the parent sprite. I can even tell it to access a certain function of a script attached to the parent at any frame needed.

Is there a way of doing this and what are my other options in UE4?


hi, for now unreal don’t have this feature, and its vary bad because i also want this feature like in unity.

Ps for creating 2d animation with blending, for now need create bone skeleton in 3d package

You can use 3d programs like blender or tools like algodoo (there you can easily create animations + then you can take a picture of those frames) :slight_smile: Or just modify the sprites in photoshop or gimp (depending on the complexity of the painting it is a really easy to create/paint animations)

Hi Zip and fighter5347,

The problem with those solutions is that it will add more art as far as animating a button for example. But what if I want to swing a wrecking ball. His this just done in code only or are there any way of doing this as an animation without a rig since this is a 2D game on mobile (needs to be size friendly!)