Animating fan or propeller

I’ve static mesh for fan blades and I would like to rotate them at given angular speed. After bit of searching I figured out I can use Rotation Movement Component which I implemented and seems to work. The problem is that when fan rotates at higher speed, it starts to look weird and stop looking realistic. After bit of more searching I figured I need motion blur but I don’t know how to do that. I do need fan rotating at given angular velocity instead of just faking out some fast rotational movement so fixed rate stock animating meshes are not good. Is there any other approach? In example project ScifiHallway I saw fanspin asset which is some kind of “animation” asset and allows to set rotation speed and looks good. I have no experience with this kind of assets and it seems to requires bones instead of static mesh blades that I have.

It would be great if someone can throw some light on how to achieve this basic effect.