Animating clothes

I am fairly new to 3D animation, and over the last couple of days I’ve managed to create a rigged character, and bake animations to its skeleton. I have been attempting to use Apex after the fact, by creating clothes over its t-pose. Unfortunately, when I try to run the simulation, the apex cloth crumples into a very small distorted ball.

Prior to running the simulation:

After Running the simulation:

I’ve attempted to use the Cloth modifier as well, which returns great results, but doesn’t wind up exporting along with the mesh - I’ve attempted to bake the simulation via MassFX in 3ds Max 2013, but this does not work either - the resulting FBX file does not contain the robe.

I’ve also tried to skin the robe to the character, selecting the bones the cloth interacts with, but the robe mesh pokes through in many places, and the robe itself becomes angular/blocky.

Is someone willing to share their workflow for creating clothing assets? I’ve run into a bit of a wall here, and any help would be appreciated.

Wow that is really strange. I have exported cloth from max 2014 and while I had problems I didn’t experience any issues like that.

I followed this guys tutorial and it sorta worked for me:

The problem I had was when I put my character through her run animation her leg would pass through her dress. I gave up because every character in every example of apex cloth I’ve seen doesn’t have a legit dress, but instead a trench coat with the front open, a skirt, or some large slits somewhere which I believe is a work around to the problem rather than a design choice. I’m interested if anyone out there has a solution though.

  1. make sure that the cloth part is assigned to one of the bone from the rigg
  2. check if the size of the rigg + mesh is the same in the t-pose and animation mode

Thanks for the input guys. Unfortunately, still no luck. The cloth is assigned to the hips as the root translation for the cloth, and there is no scaling/size difference between the t-pose and the animation.

Does your skirt example have bones? Or is it skinned to the models bones? Also, how many verts does your skirt have? I am wondering if I am running into this issue due to the “complexity” of my robe. It’s frustrating how simple this appears to be, but I’ve literally spent dozens of hours trying to do this :eek:

The skirt of my model is skinned to the hips bone and it has around 600 verts