Animating character from imported file

In 3ds max I made a human male character and i made some animations for him, like idle, walk etc. From youtube videos I heard that for game engines, i need to make 1 long animation composed from all these animations. I was able to import that character with his animation to unreal engine and got it working, but I don’t know how can i now separate those animations to several sequences so I can put them in the state machine and work set them where they need to be set. Sorry, this is probably a common question, but I can’t put it in few words so I can google it :slight_smile:

Hi neutral_evil,

You can take your long/whole animation, duplicate it multiple times then delete unwanted frames per each to create different “sections” like, “idle,” “walk,” “run,” etc.

An example of this is shown in the following documentation:

Creating an Aim Offset

Let me know if you further instruction on how to do this,