Animating an Object in Z Direction?


Id like to move a single object in the Z axis. I was wondering if anybody had any advice how to do this without using matinee to animate the object. I want to do everything with blueprints if possible.

Thanks for any help

Dark_Jubei, if you know the starting and ending Z you want you can create a Timeline in your blueprint that animates a float value. You would then use this float value as the Z input for a “Make Vector” node. You would then use the “Set Actor Location” node to set your actor’s location. Note, you’ll have to trigger the “Play” execution pin of the Timeline to start the animation.

Alternately, if you don’t know the exact end Z, you could use the “Event Tick” event to change the Z value of the actor a little bit each tick using the “Add World Offset” node.

If you need more info on either of these approaches let us know.

Hi Krxtopher,

Thanks again for your help. Unfortunatly it didnt seem to work, it either does nothing at all or shoots off into cyber space. I know the values i need, 466 to 501 in the Z axis, but as i said, its not quite working right. Here is a few screens of whats goings on, perhaps you could let me know where i’m going wrong?


Which effect does the blueprint graph you showed us result in - the “does nothing” or the “shoots off”? What is the blueprint you’re showing us…is it the thing that you want animated?

The blueprint on top is my understanding of your description above for the object that simply needs to move up in the z axis. This one shoots off into space but i cant see where it goes, i assume up, but its so quick its hard to tell. Basically i animated a curve in the timeline from 466 to 501 because that is where the location tells me it needs to be, and over a 5 second period. I tried to plug that into a Z axis in the vector and put that into the set actor location, i also used a float between.

It appears you’re doing things correctly (assuming that blueprint is the blueprint of the thing you want to animate). I recreated your setup and I get the correct behavior. The differences in mine are minor: a) I’m animating Z from 100 - 200, b) I’m not saving the timeline value in a variable. Here’s the result:


And here’s the blueprint of my floating cube: