Animating a weapon that has been attached to a character socket .

So i’ve been trying to animate this bow that i’ve attached to a socket of my character’s skeleton , but i can’t seem to have a way to do it.
The idea is to play the animation sequence of the bow when i press a button , the bow of course is a skeletal mesh , the problem i face is i can’t make the character blueprint to send the key pressed event to the bow blueprint , that’s just what i need to figure out.

Much thanks :slight_smile: .

I am also having a similar issue with sending a keybind to activate my weapons timeline animation I made to extend a staff once it is in my chars hand. I want to pick up the staff weapon in blueprint form then have to hit a key to make it play the timeline and extend open and on a 2nd press collapse closed. Through some messing around I got it to trigger the animation on pickup but then every time I jump and land it opens and closes, I want to be able to manually control the open and close with a keybind. Anyone out there got any ideas? Please help us! =)

In your character BP Make a “keypress” bool variable, expose it on spawn. In your bow bp, get player character, cast it to your player character BP, then get the “keypress” bool.