Animating a ProceduralMeshComponent

In my project I’m importing a FBX model at runtime using the ProceduralMeshComponent and the Assimp library. Basically what I have is an actor containing several ProceduralMeshComponent that compose the given FBX.

The FBX contains animation data for the mesh, such as keyframes and so on. What I would like to do is to create an animation at runtime using that data. Is there a way to create animations “on the fly” in Unreal? I’ve been looking around a bit and I couldn’t find anything related to this. From what I’ve seen the usual pipeline would be to improt the animation as a skeleton mesh (not an option, since mine is composed by ProceduralMeshComponents and not SkeletalMeshComponents) or by creating a Matinee in the editor (also not an option, since the animations are not predefined: I read them from the FBX).

Are there other options?