Animating a group in sequencer?

I’m trying to animate a group actor in sequencer, it will let me keyframe it, but when I play it back I see the pivot move and non of the objects move. Can you keyframe a group actor, or what is the best way to keyframe a group of static meshes? I have the objects set to movable, but no luck. Any help would be awesome.

I’ve worked around it by attaching several static meshes to the one master mesh, but it seems like a hack. Don’t know if this is the proper way.

Also I can’t figure out how to import external camera data into sequencer. I know you can with Matinee.

it is 2020 and yet no answer here? Unbelievable, really, as I have exactly the same problem: why in the world there is even an option to add GroupActor to sequencer when it cannot be sequenced, or at least it seems doing nothing at all?


Same here. No solution for this issue yet?


@vasilbilag See this link here: Sequencer with group actor - UE4 AnswerHub
This works like a charm!