Animating a garage door within ue4

Just mulling over how to achieve this.
I’d like to have a door that functions in this fashion:


I think I can get this to work by locking a skeletal mesh to a track & making the animations externally, but is there a way I could do this with static meshes & timelines within the engine instead?

Thanks in advance.

I got something basic working using a spline.


Otherwise, instead of a spline and bp animations, you could do it with matinee :smiley:

Thanks fighter5347

I did end up with a pretty functional dynamic actor using the spline & instanced mesh.

I haven’t spent much (if any) time with the matinee tool. I was under the assumption it was intended more for cut scenes and cinematics so never paid it much attention.
When I get some free time next week I’m going to try make my garage door using matinee. Good way to learn right? From the documentation I’ve seen since you mentioned it, it looks a lot like the animation mode in Blender (dope sheet, F-Curve, animation track etc.).
I’ll let you know how I get on with that, and thankyou for the help btw.