animating a character running, walking and crouching with different weapons

Greetings my fellas!

I have so many doubts about animation. Let me see if you could help me.
Imagine that I have a character who could walk, run and walk crouched.
This character has 3 weapons (katana, dual katana e bow).
I did the following animations: Idle, walking and running. I did all of those movements without weapons and all of that with each of the 3 weapons. Further I did 5 attack motions for katana, 5 for dual katana and the both main movements for bow (shooting and recharging).
Further I did the charcater walking crouched.

My main question is: Will I need to make all the attacking motions for the character walking, running and crouched again? or does the Unreal4 calculates for me?


When you make anim montage using your animation asset you can set in and out blend times which should make your attack animations smooth.

Well, let me see if you understand, I will give a more specific example…
Imagine that my char is walking crouched (image 1) and I want him to make the same movement in the image 2, striking crouched. Does the Unreal make it possible?

See the example images

Hello FelipeSAMA

the answer is it CAN. There are certain technical things you will need to learn about animation but the short answer is yes, UE4 can do that by blending the two animations together. You can get very exact when it comes to animations by specifying which bones blend and by how much using a blend by bone node in the Animation Blueprint and a Animation Montage. Some of those technical things will be, Will the attack animation look good in crouch position? What bones will need to taper off in the blending to make it look good? Can the animation be triggered in the middle of a crouch walk cycle and how will that look? Can I do this with an additive animation? I am sure there are others that just are not coming to me at the moment, but I have had similar experiences with walk cycles and combat maneuvers.