animating a ball moving and rotating

Hi All,

I am working on my first project in UE. I want to animate a ball moving in my scene up a ramp. I have successfully done that ( sort of ) with the ball animated along a spline. My issue is the ball does not rotate when it moves.

My question is how do a get it to rotate while its moving along the spline? Or is there a better way to have it move through the scene and use it along the spline?

Thanks for the help.


@werx60 do you find solution?

Thanks for asking. Yes, sort of. I imported the animation into UE and successfully set it up. My only issue is getting the ball to cast a shadow on the ground plane while its moving. How do I go about doing that?


Set the light to dynamic or stationary rather than static. Also make sure the ball mesh is set to cast shadows and the floor mesh is set to recieve shadows.

The lights are set to stationary already. Dont objects by default cast and receive shadows? I mean all the objects in the scene that are not moving cast shadows onto the floor and I didnt do anything special to them.

my bad. It is casting a shadow its just very faint. I need to increase the shadow darkness…hmmm