Animated UMG only visible within a confined space.


I’m not exactly sure what could be causing considering the 3 elements of the UMG widget are within a canvas (the anchor for each element (border, image and overlay) is in the center of the canvas).

Might anyone be able to tell what could be the cause of the animation not playing in game as it does in the editor?

(You can see the widget element hierarchy in the top window that’s capturing the widget animation.)

Notice the animation moves the widget elements from the bottom of the canvas all the way up to the top of it.


Notice the widget is only displayed in a confined space in-game.


I vaguely recall I initially had all of these elements in an overlay. I removed them from the overlay. But looking at the area they’re confined within it looks like the overlay still remains. I will try to remake it all over with no overlays whatsoever.

I recreated the widget using a horizontal box, and no overlays In the editor the animation looks perfect. In-game the animation plays perfectly (using the full amount of translation specified), however the offsets of each element are all jacked up.

leads me to conclude there’s a bug with overlays where parenting elements to overlays and changing the parent relationship afterwords doesn’t update completely remove the initial parent. I’ll try to get some steps to reproduce it.

I remade the widget again with no overlays, and no parents other than the base/default canvas. Adjust the canvas offset position makes problem appear.

Surprisingly, adjusting the render transform works better. Moving the elements via render transform allows it move everywhere on the screen.