Animated UI Widgets in World Sp for Art Gallery

I am developing an art gallery. What I’m HOPING to do is when a player approaches a piece of art, a world space UI blueprint card animates on. and when I retreat out of the box, it animates off or in reverse. What I can get to work right now is this: I can get this to animate on with create event but don’t know how to get get it to animate out and reset when the player leaves the box. I can get that much done when it renders to viewport but when I try to make it in 3D space, it obv won’t respond to remove all widgets because that only works for screen rendered viewports, right?

Anyhow, kinda lost. I THOUGHT I could create a boolean variable in the overlap event where it would test if it’s in the box or not but can’t get the UI Widget to recognize that variable so I could trigger another animation (Or play it in reverse.)

Thoughts as how I should do this?

Thank you to all who read this!