Animated skeletal prop

Hi Guys,
So I’m trying to get an animated prop in to a level I am making. I’ve avoided using 3D Max native bones as I had quite a number of issues getting a vehicle in to the engine and some forum members suggested using linked boxes. I’ve set up a basic prop (a seagull) which is going to be animated though it wont be interacting with any other objects.
I’m wanting to link it to a spline and then bake out its position/ animation so that it has a smooth flight path around the scene. (This is why I didn’t use a CAT rig).
The issue that I’m finding is that when I import it in from 3D Max the boxes I have used as bones are visible all the time, is there a way of hiding them?
I have an image here so you can see what I mean.

I’m intending to set it up as an actor blueprint, though I’m not sure on the process of getting the animation to play and loop yet

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Solved it. I had the import meshes in bone hierarchy checked on. Not needed the blueprint either as the skeletal mesh dragged in to the environment with the correct animation file applied lets the animation play on loop.