[ANIMATED SHORT] Pablo's Quest

Hi! I’m a Brazilian illustrator, and as my first post I’ll show you guys my first real experience with UE4 - a short animated movie for an university project. I’m working along with three other artists to make “Pablo’s Quest”.

So what’s this about?
It’s the story of a kid who goes out for food. The catch is that he’s living alone - we have no clue about his parents - and he lives on an exoplanet.

What’s been used so far?
We’re using 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush and Houdini for modeling, and Photoshop and Substance Painter for texturing. We are also using Premiere for editing, only because I still don’t know enough about Sequencer.

And here’s some progress screenshots and quick tests we did until now:

Feedback’s absolutely more than welcome! There’s a ton of things I’m eager to learn in UE4, like blueprints and the eye shader. I’ll also put some animated shots as soon as I can.

Hope everybody’s doing fine, and if there’s some Brazilian UE4 users around here, don’t forget to shout and raise your hands! :slight_smile:



These renderings look great. I love the feel of the outdoor scenes you have here. Keep it up!